I do this for you ♛ #beliebers
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Anonymous said: Looking like you wanna kill SG these days lol.

How am I looking like I want to kill her ? lol

  -  6 October

Anonymous said: Is bieber back?!oh my goodness.hi love!missed you.


  -  6 October

Anonymous said: I'm so proud of you for making your relationship w selena work despite majority of your fans wanting you to be w someone else :)

Nobody gets a say in who I see or who I spend my time with. They might not accept it but that wont change anything

Anonymous said: Excited for the new music!

U guys are gonna love it !

jelenahipster said: jelena 5ever ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Anonymous said: Take notes from your friend Ryan and be cute and post a pic of sel :))))))


Anonymous said: I know that you and selena are fine but why don't you just tell your fans to chill the fuck out already

Chill the fuck out guys lol

Anonymous said: I really do hope you aren't two timing her with chantel and chantel is being her and asking for attention.

I wouldnt 2 time

Anonymous said: Where are you when we need one your iconic rants ?.dude come back!

Right here !

Anonymous said: I miss you...wtf come back :(

Sorry I disapeared !

Anonymous said: Don't you ever let her go again Justin.You guys are sooooo cute the best couple I ever saw.


  -  7 September